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  1. February Spotlight

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    Resident Spotlight


    A Little About Lucy

    Lucy is very active in our community; quite often helping and setting up for the many Bingo games we have. Her friendly smile and attitude is always refreshing and well received by all residents and staff.


    I’d like to share my favorite dish with you. Look during February for my menu of choice, Arroz Con Pollo with Beans!


    Check out this week’s menu here!

  2. Resident Art Gallery 2020

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    Resident Art Gallery

    The Flushing House Painting Club recently held a Resident Art Show on the first floor of Flushing House. The show consisted of over 100 paintings done by residents. The walls were adorned with still lifes, portraits and abstract piece which made for a special Sunday afternoon for residents, families and visitors.

    The Flushing House Painting Club is run by longtime resident, Olga Arnow. Olga is an expert in classical music and painting. She encourages residents to express themselves with their art during her classes. For many residents, this was the first time they’ve painted in a while, and for some the first time ever!


    Guests and artists were treated to elegant music by Olivia Liu on the harp to set the perfect mood for artistic expression and interpretation. Sparkling apple cider was served as the paintings were admired and discussed.

  3. Food Drive for City Harvest comes to FH

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    Flushing House x Food Drive x City Harvest x Daily News

    Flushing House participated in the annual Daily News City Harvest Food Drive, helping to feed the nearly 1.2 million New Yorkers who are struggling to put meals on their tables.  City Harvest exists to end hunger in communities throughout New York City. City Harvest does this through food rescue and distribution, education, and other practical, innovative solutions. This cause hits so close to home for so many residents of Flushing House because we are all New Yorkers. Many of us have been our whole life.

    Food Drive for a Cause

    Rallying together for a worthy cause, with assistance from Activities Leaders Wilfredy moya Arenas and Nazima Pasha, the residents of Flushing House worked together to collect over 276 pounds of non-perishable food items to donate to their fellow New Yorkers. Residents were made aware of the community donation efforts through the monthly newsletter and community television channel. They were encouraged to contribute whatever they could. The response was overwhelming and additional bins were needed to hold the boxes and bags of donations.  The residents of Flushing House are always looking for ways they can contribute to their community. Recently, a volunteer luncheon was held to honor those who have contributed their time and effort to greater causes. Over 30 Flushing House residents were treated with a luncheon, commemorative t-shirt and special gift for their hard work this past year.

    Flushing House, home to over 300 older adults, is proud to contribute to such a worthy cause and be part of what makes our city great.  The kindness and generosity of our residents and the aging population is truly inspirational for generations to come. Volunteering is a great way to stay active and keep your mind and body sharp while giving back. For photos, information and upcoming events visit or check us out on Facebook and Instagram!


    Food Drive

  4. Chess Master Visits Flushing House

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    The residents of Flushing House, an Independent Living community located in the heart of Queens, were treated to a special Chess Exhibition led by Asa Hoffmann. Mr. Hoffman is a FIDE Master in chess, as well as a chess teacher and author. He was portrayed in the movie Searching for Bobby Fischer by actor Austin Pendleton. Mr. Hoffman took on over 40 challengers from Flushing House in a thrilling exhibition of skill and endurance.

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