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When planning social activities at Flushing House our goal is to produce a vast array of quality activity programs geared to challenge and soothe minds, bodies and spirits. Wilfredy Moya and Katie Rivers have created a wide variety of programs for our residents that we truly believe is the most diverse collection of activities available anywhere hands down. Take a scheduled van trip to the park, store, restaurant or theater! Tune in to our very own in-house TV Network we’ve created (FHTV) and see us throwing themed rooftop dance parties with a 19 piece jazz orchestra! An example of other programs include computer training in our

new internet cafe, memoirs workshops, health seminars, coil enamel kiln classes, resident art galleries and even our own touring FH band who just put out a new professionally recorded album you can even purchase on iTunes! Flushing House is home to two 62” TV rooms, two libraries, an interfaith chapel with weekly services, a large game room and a newly renovated arts and crafts room. Speakers and entertainers perform on a daily basis. We also keep true to the classics like Bingo, pokerkeeno and shuffleboard. The biggest complaint we’ve heard in our monthly activities meeting is that there is so much going on they don’t know which activity to choose. For more information view our calendar of events, take the website’s virtual tour, or contact us to sign up for a free personal tour of our beautiful building.

Visit our event calendar for more information about upcoming events.

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