About Independent Living and Flushing House


  1. What is included in the monthly rent?

    We provide spacious studios and 1 bedroom apartments including kitchenette, private bathroom, wifi, 26 cable channels, our own TV channel (Channel 3) and individually controlled heating and air conditioning.

    Also included are: three meals a day prepared daily by our Executive Chef and served by waiters and waitresses; utilities (excluding telephone), weekly housekeeping/linen service; 24 hour security and rooftop atrium with breathtaking views of NYC. In addition, we offer recreational activities, bus trips, an interfaith chapel, movie room, library, game room, sports lounge, computers and instruction, fitness center, a full-service beauty salon/barber shop and concierge service. There is a convenience store on the premises, should you wish to purchase everyday items.

  2. Do you offer any other services?

    Should you need the services of an aide, we have two private, on-site NY State licensed home health care agencies on the premises as well as a walk-in clinic with geriatric internists and a cardiologist. Both the home care agencies and the walk-in clinic accept most insurance plans.Please note that you do not have to use these resources. You can opt to bring in someone who YOU choose to assist you, and you can go to any doctor of your choice.

    If you need physical, occupational or speech therapy you have access to these services through a private provider at Flushing House or you can select a provider of your choice.

    It’s all about choice and independence at Flushing House!

  3. You say that Flushing House has 24 hour Security. How does that work?

    Yes. We have a security team 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. Every visitor must sign in and out of Flushing House. There are security monitors on every floor and at the entrance to our building and in the parking lot behind our building. There is an emergency cord in every apartment to alert security should a resident need assistance at any time.

  4. Where can I park at Flushing House?

    We have a parking lot behind our building and residents and visitors can park there on a first-come first-served basis. When you visit, please check with Security at Flushing House on the first floor. There is a parking lot on Union Street which is around the corner from us, and a municipal parking lot with 1000 spaces 2 ½ blocks away. You should have no trouble finding parking when you utilize these three options.


  1. Do I pay extra for activities at Flushing House?

    No. All activities are included in your monthly rent. You do not pay extra for an in-house activity.

  2. What kind of activities does Flushing House offer?

    Every morning at 10 am we start the day with exercise. (optional, of course!)We offer fun and culturally diverse activities: bingo, yoga, mahjongg, news and views, jeopardy, creative writing, pet therapy, card games, Happy Hour, etc. We have a book club, a garden club, seminars, painting, photography, outside entertainers, casino night, luau, rooftop bbq’s, a monthly birthday club party, a Senior Prom and much more.

    Residents receive a copy of our monthly newsletter (the Activities Calendar is in the center) and the newsletter can be viewed on our website, as well. In addition, you will see a listing of our daily activities on Channel 3 -TV (Flushing House’s channel) which residents can view in their apartment or on the first floor (there are 2 monitors).

    We encourage residents to participate in our activities but ultimately YOU decide which activities you’d like to enjoy.

    We welcome input from our residents regarding the activities that we offer. Our Activities Department hold monthly meetings, we have a suggestion box on the first floor and an open door policy. Our ultimate goal is to keep our residents happy and engaged.

  3. I understand you have a van…

    Yes, and there is never a fee for the van. We have our own Flushing House van and we take groups of residents on bi-weekly trips to restaurants, shows, museums, shopping, botanical gardens, etc. You just need to sign up for our trips. Again, we always welcome input from our residents.


  1. Flushing House offers three meals a day…

    Three daily meals include continental breakfast, lunch and dinner and we are fortunate to have an award-winning Executive Chef. Our residents and their guests rave about our food, which is prepared at Flushing House.

    The hours are as follows:
    Breakfast: 8:30am-10:00am
    Lunch: 11:15am-2:00pm
    Dinner: 4:15pm-7:00pm

    Food is served restaurant-style as we have waiters and waitresses, and you can enjoy your dining experience in a relaxed ambiance. There is no assigned seating nor are there assigned set times for our residents to come to the dining room for meals. Our residents are independent and can elect to sit with whomever they choose, it can be one other person or five people.

    We offer a diverse menu and there are numerous options to fit every palate. We use no salt in our cooking and low salt stock in our soups.

    Should you wish your family/ friends to join our resident for meals, they are welcome any time, without notice. The meal will simply be charged to your monthly bill.

    We check everyone into our dining room and if our resident is not checked in for lunch or dinner (and we know that person usually comes to our dining room for these meals), we will notify Security. Security will call the resident first and if there is no answer, Security will ultimately go up to the apartment to check on the resident.

    Safety is our number one priority.

  2. If I am not feeling well can I have my meal(s) delivered to my apartment?

    Absolutely. Just let dining services know before 10am that you’d like your meal(s) delivered to your apartment and we will accommodate you. Please inquire with our Marketing Department and Dining Services Department about tray service.

  3. How involved are the residents in menu development?

    Please feel free to join us every month for our monthly dining room meeting. We value our residents’ input regarding menu planning and service.

  4. Can I take food out of the dining room and to my apartment?

    You are welcome to eat as much as you like in our dining room. For health and sanitary reasons we ask our residents to keep food inside the dining room. Of course, each resident has a refrigerator in the apartment and can stock it with food items of their choice.

  5. What if I go out for the day and I know I’m not going to be back for lunch or dinner?

    We are very accommodating. Our Director of Food Service is happy to prepare a lunch/dinner box for you. Please discuss this with Matt in Dining Services.

Moving to Flushing House

  1. Who can help me move?

    Please ask the Marketing Department for the name(s) of movers. Marketing can provide you with affordable options of movers who are familiar with Flushing House and will give you a Move-In Sheet.

    We recognize that many of our residents are moving from homes that they’ve lived in for many years and have accumulated a lot of “stuff”. We have resources that can help you with downsizing, as well.

  2. Are there certain hours that I can move to Flushing House?

    Yes. The times are as follows: before 11:00am; between 2-4pm and after 7pm.

  3. Are the apartments furnished or unfurnished?

    Most people choose to bring their own furniture from home. We also, however, rent furniture to those individuals wishing to do so. We will do our best to make the transition easy for you. You can discuss this with someone in the Marketing Department.

  4. Is telephone service included in the monthly payment?

    No. You can bring a cell phone or, if you wish, you can get a landline from Verizon. Just call Verizon’s main office, give them our address and your apartment number and they should be able to activate the service. Everyone who moves to Flushing House must have a telephone.

Other Services

  1. Does Flushing House have their own maintenance staff?

    Yes, we do. We have our own maintenance and housekeeping staff. Weekly housekeeping is included in your monthly rental. Our maintenance staff is very accommodating and is here to assist you.

  2. Tell me about my personal laundry….

    There is a coin-operated washer and dryer on every floor. You can choose to do laundry yourself or you can hire an aide to do your laundry.

  3. How will I get my medications?

    We are fortunate to have a family-owned pharmacy just 2 short blocks away that delivers medication and medical supplies to Flushing House, several times a day. Our Security Department will accept medications and contact our resident upon arrival of all packages. The only thing you need to do is establish an account with the pharmacy (as you would with any other pharmacy ), and the rest is easy.

    JW Pharmacy (on the corner of Northern Boulevard and Bowne Street)

  4. Can I have an overnight guest?

    Yes. If you contact us in advance, we are happy to provide a rental foldaway bed.

    Please make sure you tell Security that you have a guest staying in your apartment.

  5. Do you have banking on premises?

    Yes, we do. Flushing Savings Bank comes to Flushing House several times a month and the times are posted in our building.

  6. Will I have my own mail box?

    Yes. Each resident is assigned a mailbox and given a key.

  7. What happens if I want to mail, fax or copy something? Where can I buy stamps?

    Resident Services is located on the first floor of Flushing House and they can help you with all of the above. Also, should you need to cash a check under $35., they can do that, as well.

  8. Is there a notary in the building?

    Yes. We have two notaries at Flushing House.

  9. Where is there a grocery store?

    As you leave Flushing House, turn right and there is a supermarket on the corner.

  10. I understand there is a park near Flushing House…..

    Yes. Down one block and across the street, is Bowne Street Park, which our residents enjoy.

  11. Is there a swimming pool nearby?

    We are fortunate that the Y is located 3 short blocks away and there is a swimming pool there.

  12. Can I still have my newspapers delivered?

    Yes. You can order your newspapers and they can be delivered to Security (and they’ll hold them for you) , or newspapers can be delivered directly to your apartment.

  13. Can someone help me make arrangement with Access-A-Ride?

    Yes. Resident Services on the first floor is happy to help make the arrangements.

  14. I love movies. Are there some local movie theatres nearby?

    Yes. There are local movie theatres nearby and we have our own newly renovated, state-of-the-art, in-house movie theatre. Each day we offer 6-8 “free” movies for our residents.

  15. Is Flushing House close to bus and train transportation?

    Flushing House could not be more ideally located. The #7 train, which travels to Manhattan, is 2 blocks away.

    The LIRR is just 4 short blocks away. There are numerous buses, so please ask Security or Marketing for a bus map.


  • How long has your average manager worked at Flushing House?

    Whereas in many senior communities there is constant turnover, Flushing House is different. The average manager has been working here for 14+ years.


  • How do I apply to Flushing House?

    Please call us at (718) 762-3198 or 888 987-6205 and ask for the Marketing Department. There is also an application on this website. We look forward to hearing from you.

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